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Welcome to Kristi Blair's place to find hope, insight and authenticity in a cancer diagnosis.  It is here that I share my own story and experiences after being diagnosed at 35, as well as stories of those around me that have bravely faced the the realities of a breast cancer diagnosis. There's no holding back when it comes to action to defeat this disease as an individual and as a community. I feel so incredibly honored to connect with you.


She was powerful not because she wasn't scared but because she went on so strongly despite the fear. 


This is where it all began

It was 2011, coming up on our favorite family holidays when I got the call that changed the course of our life. I had cancer. Having just come up for air after the loss of my beautiful mom a few years earlier from breast cancer, this diagnosis took me to my knees. But it was in this deep fear that I knew I had to do more and put the tools that had had been building to work. I founded Wings of Karen (named after my mom) to lift not only my spirits but all those around me that were facing these same fears. Fear was replaced by action of raising funds for breast cancer research in a very direct and local approach. This video was the first one we produced in effort to share our vision and goals. Each word and image thoughtfully laid to express what was my new course....funding a cure, through RESEARCH.

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a mother of 5 beautiful children on a passionate mission to understand breast cancer as a disease and to unite with those that have heard the words, "you have cancer".